Comprehensive Waterproofing Services in Kamloops

We understand how important it is to manage a commercial property and keep the components of the building in good shape. Buildings and facilities often experience water ingress from areas such as around windows, through expansion joints, and via movement cracks in walls. Whether commercial buildings are constantly exposed to wet conditions or they only see some occasional rain, every commercial building can use waterproofing. At Thompson Valley Roofing, we have a team with all the necessary skills to rectify and protect your commercial building. The products we use are specialized waterproofing systems to give your building the essential protection it requires.


Thompson Valley Roofing in Kamloops offers all types of waterproofing including membrane and cold-applied waterproofing and damp-proofing systems. For more information on our commercial waterproofing services or to schedule an appointment with our team, give us a call today.


Why Hire Us for Waterproofing Projects in Kamloops?


Thompson Valley Roofing Ltd has been in this business since 2002 and has the expertise to provide you with waterproofing services in Kamloops. Our state-of-the-art waterproofing systems and experienced contractors address all aspects of your structure and building site to safely and effectively divert water away from your valuable assets. We have decades of experience to take up any kind of challenges. Our team is trained to take up any challenge when it comes to waterproofing. When we carry out waterproofing services at your building, we also give you advice on how to maintain it after the job has been completed. You can rest assured that only the highest quality materials will be used and that every element will be installed properly to provide a superior level of protection.


The Importance of Quality Waterproofing


For a business owner keeping the workplace safe and dry is extremely important. There are more than a few reasons why a commercial property has to be properly waterproofed and sealed. A few reasons why are listed below:

  • Waterproofing increases the energy efficiency of the building.
  • It makes the structure more breathable.
  • It allows for structures to become UV Resistant.


To get the best out of waterproofing in Kamloops, get in touch with our professionals. They will guide you through the entire waterproofing process.

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